About the Team

Stephen Hale

Stephen Hale has pursued twin career paths in management and design, and is originally from the UK.

As a professional manager, since 1984 Stephen has worked at the senior level in high-tech companies ranging from start-up operations to market leaders. As a member of the management team in a technology start-up, Stephen helped propel the company to success and its subsequent acquisition.

As a manager in a Hewlett-Packard division, Stephen was responsible at various times for all division operations, including manufacturing, product development, and information technology, and was responsible for key initiatives to reduce product development time and increase quality.

In many of these roles, Stephen has been responsible for communicating directly to the media, employees, and investors, and has performed crisis management during plant closures and relocations. Trained in industrial design in the UK, Stephen has also managed a graphics operation, supplying training and communications programs to large corporate clients, and has considerable experience with graphic design, trade fair stand design, and product design.

Stephen has a strong focus on the strategic and implementation aspects of marketing communications, and has designed and led strategies to increase customer focus and obtain and use qualitative customer feedback.

Pauline Hale

Pauline has 31 years of experience working for start-ups and established high-tech companies developing and implementing successful marketing communications programs. She has both hands-on and management experience, executing major product launches, trade shows, worldwide seminar events, as well as writing and creating advertising, direct mail, newsletters, datasheets, press releases, and website messaging.

At IDACOM, a technology start-up, Pauline single-handedly planned, created, designed and managed marketing programs and materials that captured the attention of Fortune 500 customers. At HP, Pauline led a marketing communications department to promote product lines globally for several HP business units, using the internet, technical book publications, worldwide seminars, advertising and direct mail, newsletters, press tours, and various marketing mixes.

Pauline's marketing communications management of HP's B-ISDN test system resulted in 90% market share by the second year of the launch, and the product line growing from US$0 to US$66 million in six years, generating a loyal customer base that adopted the system as the de facto industry standard.

In 1998, Pauline formed Hale Marketing Communications Inc. Since then she has used her unique approach and extensive experience to improve bottom-line results for a number of high-tech companies.