A boutique marketing and creative agency providing strategic and tactical services to B2B technology companies.

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technology experience

Our principals have worked in start-ups and global technology companies since 1984, at Hewlett-Packard for eight years, and as Hale! Marketing since 1998, enabling us to quickly relate to technology clients.

specialized in product launches

We think about the bigger picture of how to make your products successful. This opens up new ideas for marketing.

holistic marketing approach

Our business, strategic, creative and execution experience working in technology companies provides a holistic marketing approach.

clear communication

We have the demonstrated ability to translate complex technology offerings into appropriate messages and creative for specialized target audiences.

tactic agnostic

We have expertise in positioning, messaging, branding, creative, and defining and executing integrated marketing programs using a variety of components across a wide range of markets. We do not try to fit your marketing needs to our specialization.

we do the work

You will have direct contact with the company's principals – who work on your project.

How to engage Hale! Marketing

example markets served

Hale! Marketing provides marketing services to B2B technology companies. Being creative, we'd love to brand cool new coffee shops or create gorgeous spreads for fashion magazines. But communicating technology in meaningful ways is more challenging. These are some of the market areas we've worked in:

internet infrastructure
virtualization and cloud computing
network security
biometric security
enterprise software applications
tele, data and mobile communications
financial management software
digital broadcast
network test and measurement
laser and scanning technology
community software applications
electricity distribution and energy management
cellular embedded wireless modules and gateways
digital rights management and digital delivery


1998 incorporation

1999 first major product launch project (client located in Singapore, launch in USA)

1999 first Fortune 500 client

2003 achieved 'top 20' agency ranking in Canada (financial measure)

2006 developed automatic data sheet layout app

2007 reorganized and downsized to allow principals to reconnect with clients and perform the work

2016 longest-served client (8 years)

About Hale! Marketing

Hale! Marketing is a boutique marketing and creative agency providing a broad range of marketing services to B2B technology companies, from strategic planning to creative and tactical execution.

Innovation and marketing - basically, creating something that people will use, then telling them about it - are both central to an organization's success. The creation of innovative products and services is our clients' business. As a marketing agency our focus is on the succinct, precise communication of the unique value of our clients' products (or the clients' company) to a chosen group of prospective customers using the most appropriate and effective marketing methods.

Therefore, our services span from creating strategic differentiation in order to establish unique positioning, through messaging, content and creative that resonates with the target audience, to the planning and execution of integrated marketing programs in order to drive demand.

While this is logical, it distinguishes us from other agencies that are more narrowly focused, and makes use of the broad experience we gained working for technology companies ourselves and in a wide range of client projects.

Often we work with clients when they have a new product to launch, but we also work on 'hygienic' items such as websites and brand refresh that are not associated with any specific product initiative.

While our initial engagement with a client may be for a specific short-term project, we prefer to engage with our clients over several years in order to provide maximum value and help them achieve their business objectives. And our philosophy is that product launch ends only when the product has achieved a commanding position in a defensible market segment. This often requires considerable time.

At any one time we serve only a small number of clients but often provide a broad range of marketing services, from strategy creation to tactical execution. Our clients' major target markets are usually in North America, but not always. Our clients are located locally, throughout North America, and abroad.

Hale! Marketing Communications Inc. was formed in 1998 and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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