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An affordable, rapid refresh increases recognition

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GO Recruitement logo
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Go branding
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Go website look and feel
GO Recruitment website:
Go website look and feel
GO Recruitment website:
Go website


GO Recruitment offers strategic recruitment and post-hire solutions for emerging technology companies. Hale! Marketing employed GO to recruit staff for our own operation, and this re-branding project for GO gave us the opportunity to work together again.

GO’s initial challenge was to renew their website, but it quickly became apparent that their services, unique in the local market, were not adequately communicated by their existing messaging. We coached the GO team through the process of developing a new positioning statement and key messages. They then began writing the copy for their website. Meanwhile we began the creative process – designing screen flats, exploring a new logo design, and holding a photo shoot to create an image library for use in the website.

The result is a clean, precise projection of the services that GO Recruitment offer.