client: Riot Micro


project components:

logotype design
website design


Branding is just as important for start-up companies as it is for established leaders. For Riot Micro we developed a simple website and a logotype, and established a colour palette.

Riot Micro branding
Website design for technology company Riot Micro


Riot Micro is developing purpose-built silicon for wireless IoT applications. Their customers are the manufacturers and suppliers that are creating solutions for the Internet of Things.

The Riot Micro logotype developed as something of a counterpoint to the name of the company. While ‘riot’ signifies disruption (a desirable quality in competitive markets), it can also be disturbing. After exploring a number of riotous type styles we settled on a more conservative typeface with the emphasis on clarity, especially at very small sizes.

As the client was primarily interested in establishing a web presence for recruitment purposes, we developed a simple website with bold statements and compelling creative. We were able to use some images from our own custom photo library.

Hale! Marketing stock photography
photography from halemarketing