client: Dyaptive


project components:

logo design
online brand guide


Logo creation with online brand buide for a technology start-up

Dyaptive Systems branding:
Dyaptive branding look and feel
Dyaptive online brand guide:
Dyaptive online brand guide


Dyaptive Systems designs and manufactures the industry’s most advanced wireless network testing systems – products that support load generation, testing automation, monitoring and management, and performance logging and analysis. The company’s DMTS systems use software-based mobile phones to generate realistic network traffic, simulating the complex phone and radio interactions that influence CDMA and next generation GSM network performance. Dyaptive products are used by wireless equipment manufacturers and service providers around the world to enhance product and service quality. Dyaptive was acquired by JDSU in 2012.

With Dyaptive soon to launch its first product, they needed a web presence and a more refined logo in order to begin approaching their initial major customers. The logo design became the foundation for the brand work, and this was our starting point. We needed to design a logo that would fit within the look and feel of the telecommunications space, and consequently presented a series of logos to the client. Thus began a series of review and revision cycles that ultimately meant the exploration of several hundred logos.

Once the logo was chosen, we developed the Dyaptive brand guide and web site. The brand guide simply established the color palette and use of the logo. To begin with, the web site was a “place holder” to establish credibility for the company while not revealing too much information before the company’s public debut. The web site’s secondary function was to attract new employees.