client: ACL Corporation


project components:

new product symbol design, new desktop and server visuals, product box design, quick start guide and CD case design, desktop splash screen and icon design, user manual clip art creation

ACL product symbol and desktop icon
ACL packaging
ACL packaging
ACL custom clipart
custom clipart
ACL desktop product visual
ACL desktop product visual
ACL server product visual
ACL server product visual


Complete product branding program finished in just three weeks
A saving of 50% over prior packaging solutions
Product brand and user experience was significantly enhanced


ACL Services Ltd. is a global provider of Business Assurance solutions to financial executives and audit professionals. ACL required a complete set of packaging elements in a very short time period to support the new product launch of ACL 8.0. In addition, the incumbent agency had been unable to develop the right product visual for the latest version of the product. The client needed the new visual to act as the basis for the new product brand and reflect the product’s improved functionality. All product packaging elements needed to be completely re-designed and to incorporate the new product identity.

Hale! Marketing ran simultaneous project tracks to produce the creative work, explore new packaging designs for the software product and its associated printed materials, and design and source new box formats. We were able to explore a variety of visual representations of the product and present concepts of major packaging elements within days of the engagement beginning. Rapid turnaround in our offices enabled the client to experience normal review cycles.

Simultaneously, we developed the design of the package itself, including a unique booklet that would protect the software CD and provide instructions in multiple languages. The final product visual, inspired by the capabilities of the ACL 8.0 product, was created using 3D software and then applied to all materials. The branding extended into the software itself by means of intro and splash screens. Print and packaging coordination with a number of print houses was handled by Hale! Marketing to ensure quality and color integrity across all the various elements, including product labels, user manuals, and the product box. All product branding elements were produced in five languages.