client: Sierra Wireless


project components:

diagram creation
HTML email


We specialize in providing support for technology companies launching new products. Some clients ask us to take care of all the marketing communications for a launch, including messaging, creative, and tactical implementation, while others prefer to do most of the work themselves, using us only for creative ideas.

This product launch project for the Sierra Wireless MG90 dual LTE-Advanced vehicle networking platform was one of several in which we provided the creative ideas .

Product launch technical diagram for Sierra Wireless MG90
product launch campaign technical diagram for Sierra Wireless MG90


In mid 2016, Sierra Wireless asked us to help develop concepts for the launch of their new MG90 rugged 4G multi-network vehicle router. The MG90 would be a replacement for the flagship oMG router acquired during Sierra Wireless’ acquisition of InMotion Technologies.

Vehicle routers are not just routers. They form the backbone of the communications capabilities for mission critical applications in public safety (police, fire, ambulance), transit and field services fleets. Communications must be secure and reliable, even in remote locations.

Our part in this project was to develop creative concepts for an HTML email and an explanatory diagram. Both items would be used throughout the launch in various media.

The diagram was worked up from several alternatives sketched on an iPad. We combined the client’s existing style of outlined drawings for the various elements that the router supports, with a rendered approach to create a more polished 3D diagram.

Product launch email campaign
product launch HTML email for Sierra Wireless MG90


The email creative concepts explored different approached to highlight the various capabilities of the MG90. With a key feature being the ability of the router to connect from remote locations, the chosen concepts featured a police vehicle in a barren landscape.