client: Delta-Q Technologies


project components:

website discovery
website design
website WordPress backend programming


This website project was our first engagement with Delta-Q. It began with a home page re-design and conversion of the site from a proprietary system to WordPress. A second phase resulted in a completely new design for all inside pages and conversion to a responsive website. Later, additional languages were added.

Delta-Q website design


Delta-Q Technologies designs and manufactures industrial battery chargers for lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries used in golf carts, aerial work platforms, lift trucks, floor sweepers, off-road vehicles, and many other applications. Many of these markets are huge and growing rapidly, and Delta-Q operates globally with more than 1.6 million industrial battery chargers in use today.

Delta-Q were struggling with the administration of their current website, which was overly complex and difficult to update. New battery charger models needed to be added and new markets needed to be represented.

The immediate objective was to re-design the home page to re-focus on the markets served, rather than Delta-Q’s products, and to move away from the proprietary system being used for administration of the site. We recommended WordPress as a rapid, reliable alternative.

We developed screen flats for the website home page to show how the various markets could be represented, although we recommended that an example battery charger should still make its appearance on the home page to enable visitors to quickly understand what Delta-Q does and to show some of their basic differentiation. We then programmed the entire website in WordPress; inside pages used the previous design while the home page was the new design.

Delta-Q website design
website design for a technology company


A few months later, Delta-Q asked us to re-design the inside pages of the website and to make the site responsive. Our approach to the project included a discovery phase where we explored priorities for the site. Our objective was to reduce the complexity of the original site to allow better organization of material and a better user experience for mobile users.

Because Delta-Q sells globally, we continued the development of the website by adding pages in other languages.

Apart from being able to assist companies with their marketing activities we really appreciate and enjoy the exposure this gives us to some very interesting technology companies and products. We had no idea that so much development went into battery chargers before we worked with Delta-Q, nor did we understand how critical the charging profile is to the health and performance of those very expensive industrial batteries. And we were happy to learn of a local Vancouver technology company being so successful in this market.

Delta-Q website design