client: Sierra Wireless


project components:

website concepting
website design
website screen flats


In this project we created a new corporate website design based on work we had previously completed for the client to develop a refreshed look and feel.

Sierra Wireless corporate website design
website design for sierra wireless


In the spring of 2014 we received an email from Sierra Wireless requesting assistance with developing an integrated brand and communications campaign for a recently acquired company. This project began our association with Sierra Wireless, and was performed in parallel with a strategic engagement to examine and refresh Sierra Wireless’ corporate positioning in light of the growing popularity of the Internet of Things.

Many of our client engagements begin with small, tactical projects and become more strategic as the client becomes more comfortable with our capabilities. While this is logical, starting with more strategic marketing work means that follow-on projects can be selected and guided by the strategic foundation that has been put in place.

This was the case with Sierra Wireless. Having completed the strategic work and exploring how this might translate to a refreshed visual presentation, the following summer we were asked to redesign the corporate website. This was a major project because the website would need to be completely redesigned to adequately express the new corporate positioning, the current website had many pages, there was a large range of products and services, and input would be required from Sierra Wireless offices around the world.

Our approach to developing websites involves moving quickly to highly detailed screen flats that look and feel exactly like the real thing. This way, we can quickly get relevant feedback from people that are not familiar with a design process that includes wireframes or other types of mock-up. We developed a large range of optional designs, then supplemented these with designs for each page type. As each screen flat was approved, we passed off the design files for coding. The website was developed on Sitecore and third-party developers were used.

Since then, we have continued to develop aspects of the site, along with campaign and product specific pages.

Sierra Wireless corporate home page design
website design for sierra wireless