Product Launch Marketing

Why is it that having a wonderful product, a nicely documented strategic marketing plan, challenging objectives, and a busy marketing schedule doesn't bring the results you expect?

Technology companies, naturally enough, expend great effort to develop products. The culmination of this effort is the launch of the product (or service) – making it known and offering it for sale. At this point revenue begins to flow in and, hopefully, the cost of development is recovered and profit is made. How successful this cycle is depends on many things, but how many companies apply as much effort to realizing a profit from a product as they do to developing it in the first place? Realizing a profit is dependent largely on skill and expertise in the planning and execution of a properly funded, long term, product launch program.

Because the objective of marketing communications is to 'make products known', we could group all our services in the product launch category, but specifically we include:

  • launch planning
  • marketing planning
  • tactic planning
  • customer interviews
  • value proposition determination
  • positioning and messaging
  • launch campaigns

Product launch case studies

Planning and execution of a launch campaign for a new product line in Europe

LMI Technologies

New product launch creative, diagram and landing page design for a tech company

Sierra Wireless

Logo creation, corporate branding and complete product launch program