Website design

Websites are critical in creating customers. Many prospects will decide whether to engage with your company by looking at your website – without your knowledge. So the information you provide on your website must primarily be designed to engage the prospect and initiate a conversation. That means a logical design and a faultless website experience.

The design and development of a website is only the beginning. Websites should be constantly updated and enhanced to remain relevant and provide value. Flexibility and ease of update must also be considered in the website design.

Because it’s about crafting a customer experience, our website design process includes creating true-to-life visual representations of key website pages as early as possible. We don’t use ‘template’ designs.

While clear, focused messages are important, sufficient content must be included to enhance SEO (a bit like this page!).

We provide:

  • responsive website design
  • custom website design
  • SEO architecture
  • custom photography

Website design case studies

A new corporate website redesign for a technology company

Sierra Wireless

A new corporate website design for a local Vancouver technology company

Delta-Q Technologies

Branding for a start-up

Riot Micro